About Trust

We are a Charitable Trust (non profit organization) having registered in India under Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 in the year 1951. The Trust is renowned for its Charitable and Social activities. The Trust was founded with a very restricted social objective - that of helping during funeral of community members. Some of these community members came together to help people from the community during funeral service, by helping them in their time of grief. The Trust also celebrates Shree Ganeshotsav Celebrations at Shree Sukriteendra Nagar, Cosmopolitan Sports Club Grounds, Kings Circle, Mumbai, India. Ganeshotsav festival is celebrated in India by Hindus to mark birth of Lord Ganesha, the invincible. Celebrations conducted by GSB Seva Mandal are unparalleled in the World and are renowned for their pomp and grandeur as well as pious atmosphere in which various ceremonies like Pooja, Havanas are offered to the Lord. Thousands of devotees congregate at the Holy venue to take "Darshan" and Holy Prasad of the Lord. The Ganeshotsav celebrations are conducted with immemse help from devotees and volunteers who contribute through their labour and donations.

Seva Mandal also conducts various philanthropic activities like Educational assistance and financial assistance to needy individuals based on merits of the case.


  • Address: Shree Guru Ganesh Prasad, Bhookailash Nagar,
    Near Sion Fort, Sion (E),
    Mumbai - 400 022.
  • Tel No. :
    91 22 24078147 / 91 22 24078226.
  • Email: gsb_sevamandal@yahoo.com